5 Reasons Why Kristen Stewart Sucks

When searching through the NXG archives, I came across this piece which I did for fun, after my editor expressed her rather obsessive love for the actress. Unsurprisingly, it got me a whole load of hate mail.  All press is good press though, right? Also not forgetting that opinions are there to shared, and all that. Check it out – I dare you to tell me I am wrong.

Five reasons why Kristen Stewart sucks

Kristen Stewart is what you would call Hollywood Marmite. A lot of people either despise her, or they worship the ground she walks on. I happen to fall into the first category. I am here to tell you why Kristen Stewart simply sucks.

1. She owns Robert Pattinson

 Okay, so he chose her to be his girlfriend, so it is not necessarily her fault (I would not say no) but that does not make it okay. It is bad enough that we were forced to believe that someone as plain and uncharismatic as Kristen’s Bella Swan would have gorgeous werewolves and vampires fighting over her… Come on. Now we are stuck with the knowledge that one of the world’s hottest men has fallen for her! Yes, I am jealous, okay.

2. She is the pinnacle of misery

This chick is 20, the star of the most popular teenage saga like ever, is loved worldwide, has the hottest boyfriend ever… and she just happens to also be a millionaire. If my life had gone the way hers has, I think I would have a sprained jaw from smiling so damn hard. Ms Stewart on the other hand, continues to walk the earth with a face that looks like it has been slapped with a frying pan. Ungrateful much, Kristen?

3. Her dress sense is appalling

If you revert back to my previous point, I mentioned that Kristen is rather rich. In fact, she is 23 million dollars rich, if not more. So the question remains, can she not afford some decent garments? I must admit, I find her lack of glamour refreshing in comparison to the Hollywood Barbie look. However, there is no excuse to dress in what looks like her granddad’s clothes. Kristen, step up your fashion game.

4. She hates the fame

I appreciate it must be difficult having cameras in your face constantly, but it is one of the prices of fame that everyone, famous or not, knows will enviably happen. A lot of ladies would probably cut their right hand off to play the role of Bella. What upset me further was hearing a fans story. A 14 year old female fan slept on concrete all night to see Kristen and when the misery guts finally showed up, the fan said: “She just held her head in her hands the whole time and frowned. She was whispering to the other people on stage and wasn’t being intimate with the crowd. I felt really excluded.” Your fans MADE YOU Kristen. Do not be so mean.

5. She bites her lip… too much

Some people find it endearing, I simply find it annoying. It is not just a Twilight thing; she bites her lip in every movie she appears in! I am sure that actors/actresses are fully trained to control their body language so they can fully adapt and change into the character they are playing at the time. This technique has clearly not worked on K Stew. I am surprised directors put up with it; I would slap that bottom lip if it was my film. This point just affirms the fact that she is a lazy, rubbish actress.

Right, I have wasted enough finger energy ranting about the misery that is Kristen Stewart. Enough said.

Alternatively, if you are team Stewart (BOO) feel free to check out Miss Knock rambling away on her obsessive, if not erratic love for the Twilight star. (http://www.nxgzine.co.uk/lifestyle/833-kristen-stewart-rocks) Although I would prefer you did not.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Kristen Stewart Sucks

  1. she is the most untalented actress in Hollywood. I thought she is a child actor but still she sucks in acting, making her snow white was idiotic, she doesn’t deserves to become Bella in twilight, other actors are much better than her. she has the damn anemic expression throughout in the whole movie.

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