London Town is Burning Down

The London Riots that have been going on since Saturday the 6th have caused the worst scenes of violence and pure criminality since the 80’s. I understand that society began protesting over the death of a young man in Tottenham. The sad and quite pathetic issue is that people who are rioting in other areas probably do not even know who Mark Duggan is. Birmingham and Liverpool have now joined ‘the trend’ why – I don’t know. I doubt they even know what they are ‘fighting’ for.

Many people of all ages and races saw it as an opportunity to get some free Air Max’s, Plasma TVs and Blackberries. The looters are cowards who believe they can get away with robbery and arson because they are amongst a crowd. Judging by the large turn out of the rioters, it worries me that such a large amount of society seem to be sociopaths with no regard for human life.

BBC News keep saying that this isn’t good considering we are hosting the 2012 Olympics. I do not care about the Olympics and this is not about that! Yes, it is detrimental to our economy as it has inevitably put tourists off coming here. However more importantly, people in our community have been crushed. People have lost their homes, cars and businesses. What did they do wrong? And how are they going to recover from this? This is going to cost Britain tens of MILLIONS. If we were complaining about the cuts before, we are totally screwed now. People will have to pay to fix this. Did any of these rioters consider who is going to pay?

The mindless socially retarded lunatics who caused arson and burglary are going to continue with their lives and will probably not give it too much thought next week. As we know, things like this get incredible exposure on the news, but the news eventually moves on.  The world will move on. How will the people who have been made homeless move on?

The police were totally unprepared and are severely understaffed and under equipped. They admitted this, so we can only hope they will be better prepared tonight, because the madness will inevitably continue.

My home town Croydon was on the news last night for quite some time. The furniture store and unofficial landmark of Croydon, Reeves Corner, has been burnt to a crisp. West Croydon looks like a bomb wreck. My sister was stuck at East Croydon Station last night and my grandmothers house was surrounded by thick smoke. Why should I need to be worried about my family, who haven’t asked for this? This isn’t a protest, or a riot. This is a reckless war hosted by hooligans. Mindless hooligans. Of course, they think they are hard for setting stuff on fire. Believe me, there is nothing cool about setting your own hometown on fire. Really. It just makes no sense. You morons.

I am heading to Croydon town centre now to witness the damage and see what I can do to help.

If you have the heart to help (somebody needs to) get involved and help clean up your community. It will be much appreciated. For more information click here:



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