Top 10 Things to Do Before You Die

1. Take a safari holiday: Everyone has to take a trip to the wild side at least once in their lifetime. See lions, zebras, tigers and loads more of cool animals out in the open, whilst you cruise past. A little scary, yes, but we are sure those open 4×4’s are pretty safe. Make sure you book with an official operator to avoid ending up as lion food.

2. Do a bungee jump: Okay, so the concept of being tied by your feet frankly scares the hell out of me. But as we all know, you only live once. I have been told that you will never have an experience more exhilarating. If you do it abroad, such as Canada, you have the opportunity to land just above a beautiful river. For as little as £40, this is a must.

3. Drive a Formula 1 car: You know you want to. Of course, a driving licence is essential. In the town of Leicestershire you can have the whole formula 1 experience which begins with staying over night in their exclusive hotel, the following day you get 8 laps in a genuine Formula 1 car. Eat your heart out, Lewis Hamilton.

4. Fly in a hot air balloon: This is the ultimate ride of romance. The best spots to fly a balloon are said to be Kent, where flying during the sunset is best recommended. You get to fly over the countryside and witness the stunning view of the towns and architecture. The ride lasts for an hour on average and sets you back approximately 100 quid. Not bad. Don’t forget to take a picnic for the journey.

5. Swim with sharks: This is perfectly tailored to the ultimate adrenaline junkie. However, before you start freaking out over it, you are safely in a cage, where no shark can reach you. And great news, you do not need to travel abroad to be face to face with a sand tiger shark, you can now experience it at the Blue Planet aquarium in Cheshire.

6. Go to space: Yes really. You can book a trip to NASA’s International Space Station and stay there for a week. Or it may take you a week to get there. I am not sure. Imagine being able to see The Earth as an awesome blue marble. Being weightless would be cool too. However, you will need some ‘rainy day’ money, more precisely to the amount of 20 million dollars. Wow. Better start saving!

7. Go and see the Titanic in a submarine: If you feel comfortable plunging down under, then visiting the world famous Titanic is a must do. You will travel over 380 metres down into the ocean, down the deep and murky Atlantic. You will get to the get up close to the shipwreck; it is an emotional and surreal experience. Again you need some rainy day money, this time for the lesser amount of £35,000. Hmm.

8. Skydive: The ultimate risk. Before you dismiss the idea, bare in mind that skydiving holds less risk than crossing a busy London road. This activity takes a required amount of faith as you leap out of the airplane at approximately 120mph, free falling for around two minutes. If you are too much of a scaredy cat, you can always leap of whilst attached to an instructor; at least you won’t die on your own.

9. Take an ‘Edge of Space Supersonic Jet Ride’: So, if you want to go to Space (see point 6) and you do not have the 20 million spare, (It’s okay, neither do I) that is okay, you have other options. You can take a Jet Ride, namely The Lightening. You will fly 60,000 high over the earth at 50,000 feet a minute, until you reach an altitude so high that you will be able to see the curvature of The Earth. Imagine THAT.

10.  Party: Okay, so this final point holds an alternative tone to the above, but it is something that everyone must do at least once. This is a chance to have everyone you love in the same room, socialising and having fun. Even if you do all of the activities in our list, spreading the love has to be the most meaningful of all.


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