Beyonce – Pregnant or Beautiful Liar?

It always happens when we hear explosive news regarding a big celebrity – our brains can’t handle it and we have to speculate, no matter how ridiculous our theories are.

For example, Tupac is not living in Cuba, Rihanna did not make a sex tape with J Cole and Michael Jackson did not fake his own death. Well of course, I can’t prove these things to be false, either. But they don’t sound very likely.

So when I heard this latest piece of news, I had to laugh. Rumours have begun circulating regarding golden girl, Beyonce. Since showcasing her baby belly to the world live on the VMAs in August, the world went ballistic with excitement dealing with news. A Twitter page was even created for the unborn baby; and the foetus actually tweets.

When Bey went on an Australian talk show to about her revelation and career, she caused a real stir when photos were captured of her about to sit down. Her baby bump seemed deflated and the images have sparked angry claims that the superstar’s pregnancy is one big hoax.

The record breaking queen of RnB has been spotted out several times since the announcement and her stomach HAS looked different in many images; but this is down to the range of outfits that she has worn, probably. Sources have begun to speak up, saying that a surrogate mother is carrying Jay and Bey’s baby and Beyonce is desperately trying to keep it quiet to keep the illusion that they are a perfect family.

Others have speculated that Beyonce wore padding at the VMAs performance to make the announcement more dramatic. I would be more inclined to believe the latter statement, since the diva wore a bikini in September showing her bare belly; I doubt she could have faked THAT bump.

Beyonce is famous for staying silent and dignified when crazy rumours are thrown into the hemisphere about her. However, this time Mama Bey decided to speak up about her unborn child, due in February, saying that the rumours are “stupid, ridiculous and false”.

Beyonce has worked hard her entire life and has always been gracious, humble and quiet about her personal affairs; the first time she reveals something to us we have to turn it into a conspiracy. How about we all leave Bey alone to enjoy her pregnancy – which is real…. I think.


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