Ashley Walters Talks ‘Top Boy’

We’ve been hearing about it for weeks and now it finally begins – the 4-part drama Top Boy will be on our screens this Halloween night on Channel 4.

Starring Ashley Walters and introducing rapper Kano to our screens, the London based drama is about the trials and tribulations that young people deal with every day, some positive, some fatal.

Ashley Walters spoke about the show: “I have stood well clear of doing dramas like this for a long time now, but this one I had to do because it inspired me and made me see things in a different way. I believed in it so much and the script blew me away because it is not often you get a story like this that is so accurate. I was scared I wouldn’t get the part.”

The drama displays life in suburban London in the grittiest sense, from drug dealers to drug addicts. The cast includes some very young members and controversy has already started brewing about the content.

Ashley spoke about the rawness of the drama and difficulties with certain scenes: “There are going to be debates about it and even during filming we felt, ‘Wow, are we actually going to be able to put this on TV?’ The reality is there in your face and there is a young cast of first-time actors as young as 11 who are involved in some of the scenes and I’ve got an 11-year-old son so it was hard for me to film.”

Top Boy will be on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.


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