Bizarre Britain : Unemployment Reaches a High

UK unemployment has risen by 129,000 in the past 3 months to a new figure of 2.64 million, the highest level in 17 years. Even more shockingly, young unemployment has risen above a million.

The statistics show that 1.02 million 16 – 24-year-olds are unemployed and interestingly enough, female unemployment is the highest that it has been for 23 years.

Overall, the jobless rate of the nation is estimated to be 8.3% overall, with 1.6 million people claiming jobseekers allowance in October. The Bank of England has warned that the global economic outlook had “worsened”, meaning that 2012 will be a difficult year for people on low incomes and unemployed members of the public.

I was one of those unemployed young people and whilst I have never had any issues finding a job previously, whether it be office based or retail, I can empathise with those who are in a position of unemployment. More people are applying for jobs, meaning criteria for attaining a job has upped its game considerably. With university graduates fighting for jobs, it can be quite daunting for those who haven’t got the same qualifications. From experience, I have learnt that persistence is key. If you aren’t applying for 10 jobs a day (which is possible if you explore vacancies online, at your local jobcentre, in your local newspaper and your local recruitment agencies) you don’t really have a chance.

Those who are serious about finding work and helping the country out of this economic slump will have to accept the realisation that looking for a job is a job in itself. Once you have that dedication, apply some faith and the right job will eventually come.

On a related note, the recent Question Time on BBC 1 shed some light on some interesting facts.

Many audience members said that there are not enough incentives to get back into work. I can vouch for this, with friends telling me that they have been offered jobs, but once they lose their benefits, pay rent, utility bills and childcare, they will only earn £30 extra a month.

For £30 extra a month, is it worth working your backside off all day to return home to work your backside off there as well? Some think not.

Like I said above, persistence and determination are key. I know many young people who have given up looking for real employment, where they can develop their skills and eventually gain a career. It is easy for a young person to slip into sinister alternatives, from drug dealing, to dodgy ‘one-off’ jobs that are paid in cash. I don’t think politicians have a clue what young people have to do to gain enough money to survive – because I can reassure you that JSA does NOT cover costs of living – especially considering how expensive basic requirements such as travel and food has become.

Another suggestion made by a lady in the audience was simply “instead of making pensioners work for longer (rather than the usual age of 65) why not give those jobs to young people?” I’m sure it isn’t as clear cut as that, but it sounds like a good idea to me.

Another ‘interesting’ fact to mention is that when David Cameron assessed the celebrations for the Olympics opening day next year in London, on a whim he decided to spend approximately £40 million extra on the celebrations so that the UK don’t look ‘cheap’.

It has infuriated many that Cameron is willing to spend this much on celebrations when there are some real crisis’s occurring in this country. It was revealed that this money could have paid for the employment of around 1,000 teachers. What kind of people are running our country? Facts like this one truly concern me.

Martina Milburn from the Prince’s Trust charity said of the situation: “Too many young lives are being wasted in the dole queue. It is frightening to think that more than two-fifths of unemployed young people have been jobless for more than six months.”

She added: “Long-term unemployed young people are the most vulnerable, with many trapped in a vicious cycle of joblessness, anxiety and depression.”

This was originally posted on Flavour Magazine. The issue is so big I just wanted to share it here. 🙂


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