Ashley Walters: “My Boy Harvey Isn’t a Liar”

Ashley Walters recently took a trip to the 1xtra studios and got to talking about his ex-So Solid Crew members…

Ashley was asked if there would be a So Solid reunion, after ex-crew member Romeo hinted at the prospect in a previous show.

Ashley exclaimed: “That’s news to me! I haven’t got the call yet, maybe I’ll be the last one.”

He admitted: “To be honest, it would have to be right. If it felt right, if it was the right music and the right time, I would definitely get involved…”

He continued: “There’s a part of me that misses my music career and touring. But there were various reasons why I had to kick back from that and distance myself a bit, so I’m kind of in limbo.”

However, he did reveal that he is working a new mixtape which will be available on his website, and also mentioned that he is in talks to with record labels to snag a deal; however he emphasised that it would be a solo one.

Mr Walters also touched on Romeos stint on Big Brother and his thoughts on featuring in the show:

“I feel it’s something you do [going on the show] when you are trying to revive something; right now, I don’t think I need to revive anything. I don’t wanna sound egotistical, but I’m winning!”

Nevertheless, he said of Romeo’s appearance: “I thought he was amazing; I wish he had talked more; I think the producers found it hard to cut him in to the show, he wasn’t getting enough screen time…

“Romeo was himself; he doesn’t really do confrontation, in the whole time I’ve known him I haven’t seen him get angry or cry. He was just himself, it was wicked and he done himself justice.”

Talking about Romeo’s attention from the ladies, Ash admitted: “I’m kind of jealous! I’ve never been the pin up I’m a bit rough round the edges.”

The conversation then led to their mutual friend MC Harvey and his twitter beef with a certain Ms Cole…

When asked what the deal was with their supposed relationship, he said: “I don’t know. All I will say in defence of my boy Harvey is that he ain’t a liar…

“He’s a very real guy when it comes to his relationships with women. I doubt he’d be lying about anything like that.”






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