Oh, Glory… Blue Ivy Carter Pictures

Since the most talked-about birth of the noughties happened, we’ve only seen Beyonce and Jay-Z step out into the public eye but we hadn’t seen a glimpse of their first born daughter, who was born on January 7.

Beyonce and Jay-Z released pictures of their baby girl Blue Ivy Carter over the weekend along with a handwritten note, which welcomed us to share their joy. It was an admirable thing that the couple decided to share their child to the world on their terms, in their time and without attaching a price tag to it, like so many other celebrities do.

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose has met Blue and mama B; she spoke to US weekly about Bey’s choice to maintain her privacy:

“Beyoncé really, really thought about this, and she really wanted to do it this way. She just couldn’t imagine selling pictures of her baby.”

Amber also said of baby Blue: “She’s definitely very alert, you can see from the photos, you feel like she’s been here before… she’s always in a loving environment, and you can see that she’s born into greatness. I think that’s what those photos really say. She’s a good baby.”

Just by looking at the pictures, you can see Blue got her mother’s good looks. Even Amber said: “A girl with big full lips, she’ll be a supermodel. And her eyes – she’s gorgeous!”

Speaking of gorgeous, Beyonce has been seen out on the town twice since giving birth and has looked absolutely stunning. Its great to see she isn’t losing weight in a hurry like some (*cough* Victoria Beckham) celebrities; not that she needs to – she carries it amazingly.


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