Listen Here: Chris Brown and Rihanna Remixes Revealed

When production duo Da Internz told MTV News that the forthcoming remix of Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’ would “shock the world”, speculation began immediately that the collaborator would be her ex, Mr Chris Brown. After all, unless Ri shot the video stark naked, how much more shocking could she be? [‘S&M’, ‘Te Amo’… need I continue?]

It turns out we were right about this collaboration…

After their altercation before the 2009 Grammy’s, fans have been after Chris’s blood, understandably. However, he did his time in community service (which he is still completing) and appeared genuinely in turmoil over his actions.

The couple were seen leaving the studio a few weeks ago, and the result is the remix of Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music’ and of course Rihanna’s unfinished album track ‘Birthday Cake’. At the end of ‘Turn Up The Music’ you hear Ri say affectionately “you make me laugh”.

The new blonde is also heard saying “I love you baby” – which caused commenters to angrily (I assume) write “was that necessary?”

I can’t help but find it cute – the pair make a sweet team and after listening to these tracks,  they clearly make sweet music.

Chris Brown also wished Ri an happy birthday on Twitter yesterday [February 20], apparently unbothered by the public’s reaction.

Chris is still with his girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran. Chris reportedly left her in the car whilst he went to Rihanna’s birthday party, however, the model is determined not to seem bothered by her boyfriend’s mega star ex, and confirmed they are living together. The couple jetted off to Miami for Valentine’s day after Chris attended Ri’s party.

Watch this space – although I think the whole world is going to be keeping an eye on this love triangle/affair situation. For the haters who think Rihanna has made a bad decision with the colloboration – I reckon this would be her response.


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