X-Rated Video of Tulisa is Leaked Online?!

Tulisa has been moving onwards and upwards since N-Dubz split up, spending lots of time in America and recording her first solo album alongside continuing her role as a judge on the UK’s X Factor. Unfortunately, an X-rated tape has been leaked online as a horrifying reminder of her past…

The video shows Tulisa when she was still a blonde, previous to her X Factor makeover which saw the singer get her teeth corrected and become a brunette. The tape doesn’t feature any actual sex, but shows Tulisa performing an intimate sexual act…

Although initial reports stated that it wasn’t her, she has now released a video speaking about the matter, which you can see above.

The film in question seems to have been shot by the male who she is performing the sex act on, showing her face throughout the entire duration of the tape. The website that leaked the video stated that apparently the video was filmed backstage at a concert on a blackberry and featured a rapper called MC Ultra, which Tulisa has now confirmed.

The revealing tape must be mortifying for the star; but Tulisa has never been one to keep quiet, so good for her for making a video and getting her side of the story out there.

*UPDATE: I was asked to remove the link to the video by some higher powers…*


6 thoughts on “X-Rated Video of Tulisa is Leaked Online?!

  1. men or should i say BOYS make me sick there prepared to ruin girls rep’s for cheap kicks and haven’t even got the “balls” to owe up to it the knob they were an item
    But let this be a lesson to all you naive girls / women out there DON’T FALL FOR THERE SEDUCTIVE CHAT TO GET YOU TO DO THINGS for them there all ruthless b……

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