My whole life, I thought I was lacking

Why else would I not be loved? I must be missing something

I haven’t got the fire inside me that some people have

The fire that lets off smoke made of loud laughs and big smiles and animated gestures

I envied that energy

I lacked the fire, I thought

Until I realised it wasn’t that I lacked, it was that I overcompensated

I am not just fire, a pit of heat in my stomach radiating out of my limbs

I am water, crying rivers for my enemies before throwing them in to drown

I am the air, recklessly bringing you closer

I am the earth, pulling you down to smell the flowers or burying you under them

We are the underdogs in society because we’re not easily digestible

Sometimes when there is too much to see, you see nothing

Like the Earth, only from a distance can you see how whole she is


-Dedicated to those who feel too much 



By Maz Halima

Writer, Londoner, Grime music lover, cat owner, glasses wearer, hug giver.

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