Dramatic, Period

She always lay beneath the moon, forever at service to the earth that held her and the ocean lapping softly at her feet

The stars winked in the midnight blue sky as the ocean inhaled and gave an unexpected roar

Splashing the earth, disturbing the peace

Who can save us when we begin to drown in all the ocean carries in her waves?

Rage can be seen bubbling under the surface, and it flows red

We drown in the rage, in the pain, in the injustice of it all

Water will pour from our eyes, rage will flow down our thighs and out of our mouths

But the red sea will come and the red sea will go and peace will be found

…At least until the next moon


By Maz Halima

Writer, Londoner, Grime music lover, cat owner, glasses wearer, hug giver.

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