Ode to London

When he told her he was coming to the city but not to see her, she was angry

Not because she’d miss the way he would have smiled when he spotted her from a mile away

Not for the embrace they could have had, nor for the hysterical laughter they always found themselves in

Not because he was robbing them of an opportunity to spend a night together

But for the fact that he would be surrounded by the lights

Having dinners where she’s had epiphanies

Sleeping in hotels that she’d ran past when gallivanting around the city

Dancing until the moon made way for the sun

Meeting strangers who had traveled from all corners of the globe just to see this metropolis

They told her it had been worth it

And it was hers, it wasn’t for him to enjoy without her

She was territorial, but not for him

It was for the haven that never failed to keep her warm every time he had


– To the city that raised me 


By Maz Halima

Writer, Londoner, Grime music lover, cat owner, glasses wearer, hug giver.

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