Some South Asian Appreciation

I’ve spent my whole life idolising people who don’t look like me, from Britney to Beyoncé. And hey, who wouldn’t? They’re beautiful, successful women. But as I grew older, so did my craving to see successful – in every sense of the word – women who looked like me; representation matters and all that. And as unbelievable as it may sound to some, where I was brought up, I hardly knew women who looked like me existed.

In no particular order…

Rupi Kaur


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Please leave Croydon alone

photo 1

Note: I wrote this in like, 2015 – before Boxpark Croydon opened, before Yates closed down, when things were different. I’ve made a couple of little updates, but please forgive any statements found that are no longer true today. 


I wrote this after the 12,000,000th person gave me the same reaction I’ve received for years when I say I live in Croydon; a mesh of pity, amusement and misconceptions. But Croydon will be different one day. No really, it will. Prior to the gentrification of areas now home to Westfield, people south of the river would come to Croydon to shop in the Whitgift. Sounds daft now, and there wasn’t even a Primark at the time, but it was true.

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