Life Lessons Turning 30


I recently turned 30, and it was bittersweet – I don’t miss my twenties; I can look back and say although heightened self-awareness brought more anxiety, I am a better person than I was a decade ago. As I welcomed a new era, I saw myself for who I was and the wisdom I gained and it felt significant, character strengthening.


5 Life Lessons From Jim Carrey

Today I want to share some words that do not belong to me. Sometimes you hear something so inspiring, so uplifting, it has to be shared.

I know we are in a world where if you’re not present to witness a moment happening, you’re late. Well, this speech was made in 2014 so by that standard I am decades behind, ha.

But anyways, I was watching random YouTube videos and came across Jim Carrey giving a speech to graduating students, and a lot of what he said changed my mentality for the better – at least until I went to sleep that night. I keep reminding myself of select quotes that affected me the most, so why not just put them here?