To Live and Die in LA: top things to do (and eat)

Los Angeles (laws·an·juh·leez) - translating to ‘The Angels’ in Spanish New York might be the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, but Los Angeles is the place where you’ll see them come to fruition. My travel buddy and I booked this trip last minute – like, two weeks before we flew out – which … Continue reading To Live and Die in LA: top things to do (and eat)


The Marvels of Marrakesh

Marrakesh (mar· uh· kesh) – aka The Red City, The Land of the Atlas, The Maghreb  Marrakesh can be an overwhelming smog of spices, motorbikes, shouting salesman and dangerous traffic down alleyways that all seem to look the same after a while - but if you can navigate it, you can love it. I recently took my second … Continue reading The Marvels of Marrakesh