The DIY Hair Bleaching Virgin


I wanted to write about my hair journey as a DIY bleach virgin because a few people have asked, and I know when I was researching about it online I couldn’t find a great deal. I’m certainly not an expert, but here’s my experience…

I’ve always been into half blonde, half black look – like the two-face look. I still don’t know what it’s called, technically. But I spotted a woman outside a restaurant sporting the look and she looked straight flawless, so I decided to go for it. Continue reading

Hey, you. Welcome.

After setting up a blog on another well known site and eventually neglecting it beyond all hope, I was encouraged to open a WordPress account. A humble creature, I am not afraid to say that as soon as I logged in, I was totally baffled. Writing I enjoy; technology I do not. However I’m sure I’ll get there eventually and WordPress will soon become my new best friend.

I won’t bore you with details of myself. I am a writer. Thankfully, this is also my professional vacation. I have written for newspapers and mags, but I truly come alive when I get stuck in to some twisted creative writing. I am currently freelancing/contributing around London for all sorts of things, mainly MTV Wrap Up, Flavour Magazine and Pardon My Blog. My job has allowed me to interview some pretty cool people, but I won’t start name dropping, you can read ’em for yourself in my ‘Maz Meets…’ section. I am a typical Cancerian in every sense. I fall in love too easily; however as an emotionally free spirit I can fall out of it pretty easily too. I love cats, Cadbury’s chocolate, UK music, hip-hop, Kanye West, pop culture, Shakespeare and many other things that fit in between.

PS: I am currently the Deputy Managing Editor for NXG Magazine, an urban youth publication. Check out the new issue online: