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Rome & Tuscany For Dummies


Having gotten a delicious taste of Italy while travelling to Sicily, Venice and Milan together previously, my girl Dian and I decided to set aside five nights to venture to Rome and Tuscany – here’s what happened.

HELLO THERE: This turned into a long read – if you want to know something particular, please do ask via the comments section or try searching with your friend Control + F. Alternatively, I’ve bulletpointed the highlights at the end – scroll away / forgive me x

Arriving in Rome, we got the express train from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station (duration: 30 minutes / cost: 14) and set out to find our way to the Best Western Globus Hotel which was said on their website to be ‘nearby.’ 20 minutes later I had a dead battery thus no Google Maps and subsequent anxiety, but we managed to navigate ourselves through the eerily quiet graffiti splattered streets to our base. On the subject of Google maps and the convenience of internet usage abroad, I’d recommend Three as a network provider for their ‘Feel at Home’ service alone.

Halal food termini

We were pretty knackered on our first day so excitedly grabbed some food when we peeped a Halal sign near Termini. I got a diavola pizza whilst Dian got a lamb biryani because only a sick human being would order a curry as soon as arriving in Italy. Both were so greasy that we left with a higher chance of heart disease – stay away!


The Bird IS The Word

Peter BIRD

As much as we love a good burger, how many more new adaptations can we endure? The honest burger, the dirty burger, the Mexican burger, the Tinseltown yaas-there’s-a-halal-option burger… frankly I’m done with £9 burgers for a while and thankfully my spirit food, chicken, is becoming available in the form of speciality dishes we hadn’t got to experience in this country very often pre-Nandos popularity, where it all boomed for us.

Enter BIRD Restaurant. I’d heard about it via friends and some celebrity faces on Twitter and after a peek at the menu, I made my way there sharpish.


I Found Love In Boom Burger

photo (3)

Well, here’s another food rant. I’ve spoken about food here twice before, with no rave reviews as yet. But third time’s a charm, and yesterday I indulged in some amazing Jamaican-style food on Portobello Road, London.

‘A Little Taste Of Jamaica, That’s Making The Heart Of London Go Boom!’


How Much Do You Love Chicken?


This was the question I found myself wondering whilst making the trek from Croydon to Ravenscroft Street in Hoxton for chicken on a winters night. Turns out, a lot is the answer. Entering Clutch Chicken, which sits quaintly alongside a residential area, it was set up like a cosy living room – a sparse amount of long tables, dim lighting, chefs cooking in our view and a bar at the back.

You have three options – wings (Put A Wing On It), boneless chicken (Love Me Tenders) and buckets of chicken pieces (Happy Hens) that come in ‘half’ or ‘full’ sizes. Available in an array of sauces, I tried Soy Garlic and Peppery Buttermilk chicken pieces. A ‘half’ bucket containing 4 pieces will set you back £11. I also tried the Twice Fried Fries which sat on the taste scale at average, as did the Homemade Creamy Coleslaw – although I appreciated how fresh it was. Each side was £4.