About Me

My name is Maryam, but most people call me Maz – I don’t mind either, so go ahead and call me Bob.

I’m South London born and raised, and started writing professionally a decade ago. My first gig was writing features on social issues affecting young people for The Muslim Weekly Paper in Whitechapel.

Since then I have written for Buzzfeed, The Independent, HuffPost and various others.
I’m a regular contributor at the BBC, having appeared on various radio stations on the network and creating visual and audio content with them.

I’ve interviewed some amazing people over the years, mainly when I worked at MTV.co.uk as an Online Editor – you can find them on my interview section of my site.

I moved on from covering music a few years back to return to writing about social issues and general wellbeing. I’ve written about Brexit for muslimgirl.com, domestic violence for Gal-Dem, religion and depression for The New Arab, LGBTQ rights for The Independent, heart health for Burnt Roti, DNA tests for Sister-Hood Magazine, and a lot more. You can check it all out on the ‘My Work’ page on my site.

Alongside my freelance work, I’m currently a Media Researcher for a comms company in London. I’ve also dabbled in brand writing, having freelanced at Net-a-Porter and EasyJet, creating their online content.

Okay, so that’s the formal stuff done. If I could marry any celebrity, it would probably be Andy Samberg.


I have a cat called Maanu (pronounced Meh-noo) who is 13 years old and has my heart.


My star sign is Cancer, and I am indeed a bit of a hermit crab most of the time. I am currently writing a book called The Sun and Her Master – I have spent my entire life writing this book, and I hope it will be complete soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Send love, strength and positivity, always –




One thought on “About Me

  1. I would recommend listening to this talk.

    The only real scholar challenging modern day taboos.

    His book, The Search for Beauty in Islam is one of my most cherished books.

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