Me, pretending to write something deep


My name is Maryam, but most people call me Maz – I don’t mind either, so go ahead and call me Bob.

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was a kid and started to do it professionally in 2008, writing features for The Muslim Weekly Newspaper based in Whitechapel.

Muslim Weekly

Soon after I took on the role as Deputy Editor at the government-funded youth project NXG Magazine – myself and a group of creative folk were in charge of the print magazine and website, and the experiences I had there truly changed my life – but that’s an essay for another time.

One of the good ones.

A year later I found a home at Flavour Mag, a London-based magazine where I got thrown into the deep end of music, doing some pretty phenomenal interviews and some slightly awkward ones too. Learning curve, K.

One of my faves!

I also dipped my toes into the copywriting pond at this point, producing online content for the lovely lot at Easyjet – this was when I caught the travel bug REAL bad. In 2011 I also began writing for The Wrap Up, MTV UK’s urban music destination.

BET Awards review

In 2012 I adopted The Wrap Up as my child as I took on the role as Editor there. My job was exciting and all-consuming and I fell in love with it all. The position opened a world of opportunities and gave me the chance to travel around Europe and the US to experience musical adventures.

Marie Claire post

Over the years I also had the opportunity to write for Marie Claire, The Independent and The Voice, which was a real honour.

The Independent

Fast forward a bit and I’d taken on a few new freelance jobs which gave me the flexibility needed to flex my wings and try new things, such as taking on a Sub-Editor gig at Net-a-Porter, which was every fashion lover’s dream and more to be honest.

I also got involved in some pretty educational B2B media development while contributing at Rio Ferdinand’s 5 Mag, writing about fashion and interviewing models, so no complaints there.

Neelam 5 MagI then wrote a piece for the all mighty Buzzfeed about my glorious hometown.


A little while later I wrote a piece on Brexit for the largest site in the US for Muslim women – muslimgirl.com.


After that article, I was invited to speak on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio about it! They even put the transcription on their website and I sound like a cat with a cold, so please don’t listen to it.


In 2017 I delved a little deeper into identity themed pieces, writing for various Muslim and South Asian sites from sister-hood.com to Burnt Roti magazine.

muslim values

burnt roti

I think I’ve kept you long enough – the personal facts can wait. But in short I’m from Croydon, I’m team #Cats and once I saw a spider on my bed and I ran away so fast I fell over and twisted my knee so badly that I was on crutches for weeks, so in short I need help.

On a more professional note, I am always looking to be commissioned, to hear about new ideas, ventures, creative thoughts or proposals.

I can be reached on maryam_halima@hotmail.co.uk. You may also send cat pictures if you wish.


Bob Maz x



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