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My name is Maryam, but most people call me Maz – I don’t mind either, so go ahead and call me Bob.

I write about social issues and general wellbeing. I’ve written about Brexit, domestic violence, religion and depression, LGBT+ rights, emotional abuse, DNA tests… all sorts. Over the years I have written for Buzzfeed, The Independent, HuffPost and various others. You can check it all out on the ‘My Work’ page on my site.

I’m also a regular contributor at the BBC, having appeared on various radio stations on the network and creating visual and audio content with them.

Okay, so that’s the formal stuff done. If I could marry any celebrity, it would probably be Andy Samberg.


I have a cat called Maanu (pronounced Meh-noo) who is 13 years old and has my heart.


I’m south London born and raised, my star sign is Cancer, and I am indeed a bit of a hermit crab most of the time. I am currently writing a book and I hope it will be complete soon. I’ll keep you posted.

If you want to keep me posted on anything – preferably commissions and opportunities – you can email me:
maryam_halima at hotmail dot co dot uk.

I know, who uses Hotmail anymore? Let me be nostalgic a while, okay.

Send love, strength and positivity, always –



One thought on “About / Contact Me

  1. I would recommend listening to this talk.

    The only real scholar challenging modern day taboos.

    His book, The Search for Beauty in Islam is one of my most cherished books.

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