About me / my writing history


My name is Maryam, but most people call me Maz – I don’t mind either, so go ahead and call me Bob. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was a kid and started to do it professionally in 2008, writing features for The Muslim Weekly Newspaper based in Whitechapel.

Muslim Weekly

Soon after I took on the role as Deputy Editor at the government-funded youth project NXG Magazine.

One of the good ones.

A year later I found a home at Flavour Mag, a London-based magazine where I got thrown into the deep end of music, doing some pretty awesome interviews.


In 2011 I also began writing for EasyJet as a Travel Copywriter and MTV UK.

BET Awards review

In 2012 I became an Editor for MTV Online. I also began to write elsewhere.

Marie Claire post

The Independent

Fast forward a bit and I’d taken on a Sub-Editor gig at Net-a-Porter, which was every fashion lover’s dream and more to be honest. I also wrote for Rio Ferdinand’s 5 Mag.

Neelam 5 MagI then wrote a piece for the all mighty Buzzfeed about my glorious hometown.


A little while later I wrote a piece on Brexit for the largest site in the US for Muslim women – muslimgirl.com.


After that article, I was invited to speak on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio about it! They even put the transcription on their website and I sound like a cat with a cold, so please don’t listen to it.


In 2017 I began writing identity themed pieces, covering culture and issues effecting WoC for various platforms from Gal-Dem to sister-hood.com to Burnt Roti magazine.

burnt roti

In 2018 / the dawn of 2019 I am writing a book and continuing to write for your fave WoC platforms.

If you’ve stayed towards the end, thank you. Personal facts on me? I was born and bred and Croydon, my starsign is Cancer, I am an introvert, and I like cats because they never pressure you to be something you’re not. Also, I am in therapy for this.

I can be reached on maryam_halima@hotmail.co.uk. You may also send cat pictures if you wish.


Bob Maz x



One thought on “About me / my writing history



    IT AIRS NEXT WEEK: Monday 15th April 2019 at 1900 on the BBC Asian Network.

    Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

    kind regards
    Inderpreet Sahota
    Editor, BBC Asian Network
    07921 648 195

    Bobby Friction travels to Toronto, to find out why his playlist is being over-taken by Canadian artists.

    Back in the early nineties to the noughties, if you were Desi-Canadian with dreams of making music, you had to catch a flight to the UK. The Crown Prince of Bhangra Jazzy B, rappers Blitzkrieg and Roachkilla and the ‘So Confused’ Raghav all did just that.

    Fed-up with a lack of representation on their own home-turf, young desi-Canadians, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area (the GTA), soon turned to each other and the internet to help support each other’s material, whether it was music, comedy or poetry. Many of these people soon found success on social media, garnering fan-followings and clicks going into the hundreds of thousands.

    Traditionally, Canada has always been in the shadow of its neighbour especially when it came to music. That was until Drake. Loud and proud about his home-country and city, Drake has almost single-handedly changed the image of urban music coming out of Canada and with Indian-heritage, Toronto-native NAV topping Billboard charts and YouTube mega-star and local-girl Lilly Singh (AKA IISuperwomanII) soon to be presenting a late-night show on NBC, the city and country is basking in its current creative successes.

    The country’s desi-artists are no different. Canada is now the home to some of desi-music’s biggest and most exciting artists, including the The PropheC, Sidhu Moosewala and Fateh. Bobby finds out how this has happened and asks whether Canada has well and truly stolen the UK’s crown as the home of innovative Asian-beats.

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