My whole life, I thought I was lacking Why else would I not be loved? I must be missing something I haven’t got the fire inside me that some people have The fire that lets off smoke made of loud laughs and big smiles and animated gestures I envied that energy I lacked the fire, … Continue reading Elements



You say you notice everything about me You laugh and say I walk like I’m ice skating Feet bounding ahead in a circular motion As if that makes it easier to keep moving forward But that only feels true When I’m with you One thing you did stop noticing Is the moisture on my eyelashes … Continue reading Gliding


Some people will try and dim your light Somewhere down your lifeline The source of sorrow is that it won’t be who you expect The devil appears in beautiful forms And none are immune to his deception They say blood is thicker than water But your body is composed of more water than blood It … Continue reading Shade