Ode to London

When he told her he was coming to the city but not to see her, she was angry Not because she’d miss the way he would have smiled when he spotted her from a mile away Not for the embrace they could have had, nor for the hysterical laughter they always found themselves in Not … Continue reading Ode to London


Worlds Apart

I don’t want to be the moon anymore Only being able to find beauty in darkness I want to know how the sun feels We could have shone together But your ego would never allow it So it’s okay, I would never try to change you There is a universe full of planets searching for … Continue reading Worlds Apart

A Suppressed Woman is Dangerous

I see you watching me When I instinctively swish my hips to a song on the radio  Or laugh at a joke you didn't tell me You're worried  You're insecure You should be You've earned it Because you spent so long trying to convince me I wasn't magic That now I'm bursting with it