Maz Meets Trey Songz

A ladies man, worldwide singing sensation and part time actor, ‘Trigga’ Trey has the world in his palm. His current fourth album Passion, Pain and Pleasure hasn’t stopped selling since its September release and I can’t wait to hear what his next LP will bring. I got the chance to speak to the US born heart-throb about his love for music and other inspirations…

Hey Trey, how are you? I’m good, girl. How are you?

Good! So, from the beginning, when did you realise singing was your destiny? I enjoyed singing from a very young age and I soon realised it was one of the only things that I was really good at. I started going to talent shows and then I hooked up with American producer, Troy Taylor, who was a friend of my mother’s. From there, music was all I ever wanted to do.

When I met Troy Taylor, I sang for him and he thought I had the talent it took to make it in the industry, he was impressed. From then, we worked consistently on getting my tracks perfect. I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing producer so early on in my career.

You are quite the ladies man. Are you single? I love women and I have been in serious relationships before, but for now I am single. I do put a lot of real emotions into my songs, as I gather emotion from the things that I’ve learnt from in my life and from things that I hear when I talk to my friends. I am really observant of other people’s situations and relationships that they have been in and this helps me put raw emotions into my lyrics.

What can we expect from your 5th LP? You can expect it to be all real and very musical. With every album I plan to grow, I grow as a person as well as musically. I also try to expand my audience. You know, I want to open them up to new sounds from myself. Every album I have released has been bigger than the last, so it’s been great to accomplish that.

You are touring the UK with Ne-Yo this year. Excited? I am very excited; he has such a raw talent.

You and Ne-Yo would sound amazing together. Any possibility of the two of you collaborating? Ne-Yo and I have always spoken about putting a record together; I can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet! It probably will be happening soon, so watch this space.

How do you like the UK? I’ve been to the UK a few times. I love it, it’s a beautiful place, and my fans show so much love. Their appreciation for the music and the live performances is great. I love the vibe!

We saw you in the 2010 film Preachers Kid. Will you be doing any more acting in the future? I love acting and it is something that I would definitely look forward to getting into. I am very excited about the opportunities that have come forth where acting is concerned. The thing is though, is I have a lot of things on my plate, right now touring is my focus and I want to ensure that I cover everywhere musically first. Music is my first love and always will be, so I wanna make sure I’m in the place that I wanna be before I get into any new ventures. Acting takes a lot out of you, you have to be focused so I want to make sure that when I go into that field that I am very focused.

Musically, what is coming up next for you? I have a few collaborations coming up, actually. I have done a duet with J Cole, who has been touring with Drake. So definitely look out for that, it’s hot. I am very excited about him as an artist; I think he is really dope. Outside of that, my single Love Faces is doing well in America. Another song that is starting to pick up is Unusual with Drake. We’ve worked together several times; he is an awesome artist. As far as collaborations are concerned I am willing to work with anybody that is talented and takes this thing seriously. I want to do a big duet, maybe for my next album, like a really big, strong R&B ballad duet, preferably with a powerful female singer.

Have you got anyone in mind? I reckon you and Alicia Keys would sound sick together. (Laughs) That would be GREAT! You never know…

You’ve worked with Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. The whole Young Money camp is really taking over the scene right now. How was that experience? It was great; they are all very talented. Drake and I have been working together for a long time, so that was nothing new. Every time we get together musically, it is magical.

For anyone who dreams of being in your shoes – What is your advice? Believe in yourself. There will be hardships and times when you want to give up, but if this is truly what you love, then you must never give up and work really hard at it.

This interview was conducted in March 2011 and was first published on NXG Magazine online. 

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