Maz Catches up with Keri Hilson

As Keri kicks off her worldwide tour and makes her way to destinations like Dubai, Beirut and Berlin, I manage to catch the Miss Pretty Girl Rock on the phone as she settles into her top Paris hotel.

She is soon coming to London as part of her tour and will be bringing along UK singer/songwriter AnGel and fellow home grown RnB favourite, Starboy Nathan to warm up the show. Touring is no doubt exciting, but I want to know what life is like when you’re sleep deprived, far away from home and constantly on the move. Yes, pop stars have it hard too you know. More importantly, I need to know how she still manages to look so damn good whilst she is on the road (or in the air).

Although she tries to conceal it with a smiley “Hello, how are you?” Keri sounds tired when she answers the phone and I feel guilty, like I should be letting this chick sleep; she sounds exhausted. I ask how she is and if she is enjoying the beautiful city of Paris.

“I don’t know yet… I’ve only been in my hotel room. I’m a little tired.”

How’s the tour going?

Well, it now it REALLY begins.

You’re coming back to the UK in a few days. What can we expect from a Keri Hilson show?

Well… Without giving away too much, you can expect to see an estrogen powered show; it’s a lot of fun and very engaging for females. You can expect to hear older songs and newer songs.

How do you find the energy to perform all night? I need that kind of stamina.

I think even on your most tired days, the thing that keeps you going is knowing that people are waiting to see you, people pay to see you, they drive for hours sometimes, just to see you perform. That gives me a natural boost, you know? I don’t drink coffee, I don’t drink soda; I try to do it in natural ways. It’s the realisation that people are there for me that gives me a boost.

What brings you comfort whilst you are on the road?

I look at pictures of my family… I really miss my bed, but there isn’t anything can do about that part! Being in a different bed every day… [Grumbles] But yeah, I would say pictures; I always look at them when I am missing my mum and my dad.

Have you picked up any cool trends or fashions whilst travelling the world?

Hmmm… I’m sure I have, but I can’t think of any. I have my own sense of style, so it’s about picking up this and that wherever I’m at.

Your skin is positively radiant. How?

Thank you! Yeah, it’s hard, especially with the under eyes; it can be hard to look alive. Water is my best tool – it sounds clichéd – but I think about how long I’ve been doing this and I realise I had to go back to the basics. It’s the simple things; wash your make up off and drink loads of water. Those things keep your skin clear and keep you looking healthy and feeling good. And working out, of course.

So water isn’t just a myth? I drink over 2 litres a day, maybe I need more…

No seriously, it works! I notice a difference, if I don’t drink water for a while, even for just three days, when I get back on my regime my skin clears up, my body improves and I lose that water weight, I mean, you actually lose weight when you drink water.

 What is your favourite track from ‘No Boys Allowed’ that gets you going on stage?

Right now, it’s Pretty Girl Rock.

You’ve had many different reactions from that track…

Yeah, and that’s fine. I do music through a lot of different layers. I love a consumer who can appreciate more than what they are just hearing, they get to the feeling part, the real emotion that you are presenting. I mean, that song is all about being SO confident, that no one’s opinion will break your spirit. I walk in a room, all eyes on me… [starts singing] even if it’s not true, you should FEEL that way. And that is what the song is all about.

I go on to ask Keri about her songwriting skills before we play a game, but you will have to catch the rest at the original source of the interview, Flavour Magazine, here.

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