Maz Chats to Tyga

I got the chance to have a quick chat with Tyga a couple of weeks ago on behalf of MTV – The Wrap Up (THE urban destination, in case you didn’t know). Check it out…

This year, we’ve seen the tattoo-loving rhymer Tyga gain worldwide fame. His single ‘Rack City’, went certified platinum and he inspired almost every rapper to jump on YouTube and perform their own version of the party anthem…

Tyga’s new album, ‘Careless World: Rise Of the Last Kings’, is a well-orchestrated blend of party tracks, rugged hip-hop and emotive sounds – the Young Money camp are doing things big this year. I found out what he’s been up to and what he has planned for us next…

Hey Tyga! From being recalled to be being leaked, the release of your album, ‘Careless World: Rise Of The Last King’, has had its fair share of drama…

Hey! Yeah, the album was sent to stores but it couldn’t be sold because of a MLK sample that I used. For certain reasons, I wasn’t allowed to use it last minute. We had to remake a new album to go in stores by the next week, so for the whole first week I wasn’t actually able to have it in stores. Once you’ve made your album and it’s shipped in, it’s out there, you know? You’ve got people that copy them once they get to the stores. I know if I worked in a retail store and I saw a CD from my favourite artist that I’ve been waiting so long for, I’d probably grab a CD too!

What track on the album means the most to you and why?

The ‘Kings and Queens’ record with me, Wale and Nas. I just think the message behind it is a real strong one. It’s a strong record and I don’t think people were expecting that from me on this album.

‘Rack City’ is now certified platinum. Did you think it would make this kind of impact? And for those who don’t know, what is the meaning behind ‘Rack City’?

Tyga: ‘Rack’ is a term we use that means a thousand dollars, so ‘Rack City’ basically means a lot of money (laughs). I didn’t know that it was gonna be this big, like worldwide, but I knew it would be big with my fans and on the West Coast. But nah, I was shocked! I think it’s just a new sound, it’s different. Like, the flow of it and my tone on the record is just different. It just sounds like an anthem, you know?

Have you seen the YouTube video of a granny dancing to it? It has over 12 million views.

Yeah, I’ve seen it. It’s pretty wild and pretty crazy (laughs). I really appreciate it all, I’m just happy that people are enjoying my music.

Since your recent worldwide hit, how do you stay grounded?

For me, it isn’t hard to stay grounded. You just have to keep doing what you’ve been doing that got you to that point of success. I think as long as you stay consistent and you stay in touch with your old friends, you’ll always be good. 

In your last interview with us, you said that you didn’t think you had established your sound 100%. How do you feel now that you’ve had time to progress?

I think the challenge for me is to make sure I have a party sound and a more emotional sound, you know what I’m sayin’? I can make any type of music, so I wouldn’t want to describe myself as having one type of sound. I think music is about keeping it diverse.

How is your clothing line, ‘Last Kings’, going? Any chance of a UK store opening soon?

I’m just selling it on my tours and shows at the moment, and you can also get it online. The brand really represents being independent, making your own movements and controlling your own destiny. As well as the album, I really wanted to have something that my fans could have, so they could feel like a part of this whole movement.

You’ve collaborated with many amazing artists, but who has been your favourite person to work with?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite, but I’ve worked with Chris Brown a lot. When we make music, it’s not hard at all. We’ve got a good vibe.

What’s coming up next for you?

I just shot the video for ‘Faded’ with Lil Wayne from my album, which is ready to drop soon. Those fun songs are just a thing I like to do for my partygoers. I’ve got a lot of other records, but I still wanna cater to the party people!

Where can we see you live and what can expect?

I’ll be in the UK in May. It’s gonna be crazy! Shows are gonna be sold-out so, once tickets going on sale, make sure you guys get your tickets. What can you expect from me? You can expect a party and a lot of energy.

Tyga’s new album, ‘Careless World: Rise Of The Last Kings’, is out now.

Stay up to date with Tyga on Twitter.

If you want to see this interview in all of its MTV glory or you fancy checking out my other work on the site, just click here.

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