Review – Labrinth Live at One Mayfair

In celebration of the release of Labrinth’s debut album, ‘Electronic Earth’, the singer/super-producer hooked up with Sony Xperia for ‘A Night Of Imagination’.

Held at the stunning One Mayfair venue, I walked into the glamorous ballroom to be blinded by pink and purple flashing lights and thumping dubstep sounds. With mojitos flowing like water and the crowd thickening, it looked set to be a grand night for the Hackney star…

As the music faded, the crowd exploded (too many mojitos, perhaps?) as Labrinth jumped onto the stage. Looking dapper in a white shirt and red waistcoat, the singer kicked off his set with ‘Climb On Board’. The stage setup was pleasing to the eye, set up like a church with flashing lights and smoke machines – it certainly made the whole arrangement look extremely epic. He swiftly moved on to ‘Express Yourself’, which was carried out with so much soul and energy that the audience couldn’t help but wave their hands with ecstatic smiles. His version of the Madonna classic took us back to the ’80s and made us feel a part of something timeless and classic.

Labrinth then slowed the pace down to perform the swagged-out track, ‘Sundown’. With a tremendous grin on his face, the singer happily went straight into ‘Let The Sun Shine’ before allowing the dance crew, iLuminates, take the stage. The group claimed their fame when they featured on ‘America’s Got Talent’, and this was their first UK performance. Dancing to a club remix of ‘Last Time’ in light-up superhero-style suits, they were a fitting support act for the night, with phenomenal choreography.

Labrinth then burst back onto the stage, donned in a light-up jacket to perform the original version of ‘Last Time’. But there was one song that everyone had been waiting for. When “Labrinth, come in” sounded through the speakers, the crowds cheers reached deafening levels. As he jumped around the stage performing ‘Earthquake’, his vocals didn’t falter and his energy only increased. He finished the song by strumming on a guitar before smashing it on the floor and before we knew it, Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s ‘N****s In Paris’ tune blasted through the speakers and Labrinth was gone!

Leaving the crowd whilst they were at their ultimate high, the man of the night later appeared on the dancefloor, warmly hugging fans and friends and having a dance. In support of their friend, Etta Bond and Josh Kumra were also spotted on the floor, alongside Labrinth’s proud family. ‘Futuristic Earth’ was clearly a well-thought through title and does exactly what it says on the tin – Labrinth is bringing back classic sounds with a futuristic twist. His album surely will become a staple in the new generation of quality, innovative British music.

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