How’s Your Heart?

me n dad

Every 3 minutes in the UK, someone dies from heart disease. Every 6 minutes, someone in the UK has a heart attack. 1 in 3 people who have a heart attack die before they reach a hospital. More than a quarter of all deaths in the UK are down to coronary heart disease.

Yes, I know I’m starting this off in a depressing fashion, and I know there are countless things that can kill you, but I’d love for you to help me make a positive difference to help change these damning statistics. None of us are exempt from them.

So, I am doing the British Heart Foundation’s #DECHOX for the whole of March 2017. It means what it says on the tin – I will be having no chocolate. Those who know me know this is serious business. Why would I do such a thing, you may ask? Well.

Did you know that prior to the existence of the BHF, which was founded in 1961, there was no treatment for heart attacks? Thanks to their pioneering research, survival rates are up and quality of life for those suffering has been improved.

This is personal to me, as those who know me will know my dad has suffered from heart disease for the better part of 10 years. I’ve watched him have bypasses and stents and suffer beyond belief, and the fight continues. His resilience and enthusiasm to keep living his best life inspires me to do more. Any donation you can give towards this cause would mean the world, not just for me, but for us all.

Please click here if you’d like to share my donation link, or if you’d like to donate yourself – thank you! 

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