Ode to London

When he told her he was coming to the city but not to see her, she was angry Not because she’d miss the way he would have smiled when he spotted her from a mile away Advertisements

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It’s a London Thing

I wrote something recently about the London Bridge terror attacks for MuslimGirl.com, which you can read now. I won’t expand on it here, but please do have a read and let me know your thoughts on it. And in light of it, I’d like to share some of my favourite quotes on my hometown – […]

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The Bird IS The Word

As much as we love a good burger, how many more new adaptations can we endure? The honest burger, the dirty burger, the Mexican burger, the Tinseltown yaas-there’s-a-halal-option burger… frankly I’m done with £9 burgers for a while and thankfully my spirit food, chicken, is becoming available in the form of speciality dishes we hadn’t got […]

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I Found Love In Boom Burger

Well, here’s another food rant. I’ve spoken about food here twice before, with no rave reviews as yet. But third time’s a charm, and yesterday I indulged in some amazing Jamaican-style food on Portobello Road, London. ‘A Little Taste Of Jamaica, That’s Making The Heart Of London Go Boom!’

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That Time Bubba Gump Sucked

Last night something unusual happened – I got seriously annoyed. ‘I’ve never seen you go mental like that Maz,’ my friend exclaimed. ‘One minute you were laughing, the next minute you were so serious!’ another laughed. What could cause little meek me to get my assertive on? FOOD, OBVIOUSLY.

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The Time I Met Lauryn Hill

I went to the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 in London on Sunday (September 28) to see the one and only Lauryn Hill perform – obviously, I had heard people moaning about how it was sub par – the sound wasn’t right, she performed her songs in a weird manner – i.e not the way we […]

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