Maz Chats to Amy Childs

Amy Childs is only 21, yet after her rise to fame in The Only Way Is Essex, she became a highly-powered business woman in her own right. Juggling a beauty salon, clothing line, TV shows and her new fitness DVD among other projects, Amy manages to stay down-to-earth, telling Flavour that she is still ‚Äúa […]

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Maz Chats to Charlie Sloth

Charlie Sloth is The Man when it comes to UK rap. With his new radio show and his fresh involvement with The Hub Entertainment, I speak to the “sexiest fat guy in the universe” about his plans for the future‚Ķ Hey Charlie! What you been up to? Hey Maz! I‚Äôve just been working hard, doing […]

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Maz Chats to Jermaine Riley

He‚Äôs been compared to¬†Omarion¬†and¬†Usher and his latest single, ‘Key To The City’, has been busy racking up YouTube views. He was in one of the UK’s most innovative R&B bands,¬†Fun*dmental, and was signed to¬†Ne-Yo‚Äôs label before deciding to fly solo. I chat to the singer on behalf of MTV… The Wrap Up: Hi Jermaine! So, […]

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Maz Meets Benny Banks

I met Benny Banks last month with my Flavour Magazine colleague Shireen Fenner¬†to¬†interview him for SB.TV Online. Check it out… 679/Warner Records¬†recent signee¬†Benny Banks¬†is hailed as¬†one of the UK‚Äôs rap heavyweights.¬†Shireen Fenner¬†and¬†Maz Halima¬†headed down to The Social in Little Portland Street to see what the rapper had to say about being the subject of diss […]

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Maz Chats to Tyga

I got the chance to have a quick chat with Tyga a couple of weeks ago on behalf of MTV – The Wrap Up (THE urban destination, in case you¬†didn’t¬†know). Check it out… This year, we’ve seen the tattoo-loving rhymer Tyga gain worldwide fame. His single ‘Rack City’, went certified platinum and he inspired almost […]

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Maz Chats to Youngman

Simon Smith Jr, aka Youngman, has been tearing up the airwaves this year with his latest track, ‚ÄėWho Knows‚Äô produced by his friend Skream. Not a new player in the game, Youngman has been dabbling with music since he was able to talk. Raised with Jungle music and a lover of Soul, his inspirations are […]

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