I spoke about love and learning dysfunction in The Guardian


Hello, it’s me. Last month (December 2019) The Guardian published a piece on the 1969 Divorce Reform Act, reflecting on how it has impacted and shaped families since. The piece was written by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, who asked me to take part after reading my work on the complexities of how your own family structure goes on to shape your personal relationships as an adult. As usual I was uncomfortably candid. You can read the piece here or click ‘continue reading’ to have a peek at the pictures and read my part of the piece.

Femme Inspiration: Yrsa Daley-Ward


I appreciate that recycling words by other people is what Tumblr is for (isn’t it? I actually don’t understand Tumblr), but sometimes I find literary pieces that inspire me so much, I just want to share them with you guys. Almost like a poetry club, because I have no friends to do a real life one with, ok? Cool, let’s do it.