I Went To See Kevin Hart & Friends, And…


On October 12 I ventured down to the SEE Arena in Wembley – it was the first time I had been to the Wembley Arena, and I understood why on my journey – it’s MILES AWAY from where I live, near Croydon. But I thought Kevin Hart‘s HartBeat Weekend was worth trekking down to Wembley for – on a Sunday, in the rain…


I wasn’t wrong. After whizzing through the green room (and bumping into Tinie Tempah who was there to enjoy the night) myself and Shireen, who had accompanied me for the night, ran to grab some food and a beverage. I should have known better than to buy food from an arena – their bean burger tasted like damp socks.

Finding our seats in front of a very hyped-up group of guys, we were just in time as Kevin hit the stage to introduce his friends, who would be delivering some jokage.

The guys behind me were clearly big fans of Mr Hart – I swear, he would say ‘so, I went home yesterday…’ and one particular gentleman behind me would begin laughing maniacally whilst banging the back of my chair – it sounded like he was having an orgasm at one point, which is good for him I suppose.

kevin hart gif

It goes without saying that Kevin provided some great entertainment, but I found myself more engaged when Kojo came on straight after. I suppose since we reside in the same Capital I found his content more relatable – it was non-stop laughter.

Following Kojo was Deon Cole, Rodney Perry and Donnell Rawlings, who ended the show. My favourite of the three US additions would have to be Rodney Perry, who got the audience involved in his time on stage.

It was a good night, but… and I find this is a recurring thought the more I delve into my own personal opinions – I wasn’t massively feeling their stance on women. From blow job jokes to jokes about hoes, it was all very funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I don’t class myself as a feminist, I’m just all for equality and respect. I can take women-related jokes, I PROMISE. But man, some of them sexist jokes felt very 2005, and therefore tedious and easy.

But you know, high expectations can do that to you – I expected a 10/10 night, but received an 8/10 experience – and every flaw stands out when you’re looking at something that’s otherwise spotless.


I wrote about the show for 5 Mag and MTV’s The Wrap Up – feel free to have a click and check ’em out. 

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