Bleaching Dark Hair For Dummies

Like a lot of women, when I need change in my life, I’ll express it with my hair. When I’m hurt, I have to fight the urge to cut it off. And when life delivers uncertainties I want my hair to help me feel fearless – and I suppose that is where I have been, of recent.

I was scrolling the ‘Gram just before Halloween and I saw some ladies with purple and green ombre hair, and I thought it looked stunning. I have stubborn deep dark Indian hair, and so it wasn’t gonna be easily possible for me.

But the idea of green and purple Joker style hair was now in my head, and I was going to do anything to get it. I went to a few salons – Rush, Headmasters, Bleach London – and they all said I’d be looking at a cost of around £200-£300 as I’d need to bleach my hair more than once, they’d need to use Olaplex and the balayage method would be difficult given the current state of my hair.

hair 17

Anyway, I was like na – I’d rather spend that money on a holiday.

So while I knew I wouldn’t get my hair as light as my Insta goals, I started to think about what I could do at home and began adapting my idea. The first step was a trip to Boots to get my trusty Jerome Russell Bblonde bleach.

I’ve used it around four times on my ends over the past two years (topping it up and taking it higher as it kept getting cut out with every regular trim throughout this period) – it works well on dark brown hair and claims to lift it by 8-9 shades, and I can confirm it does the best job compared to what’s out there. Better bleach can probably be purchased online or in trade stores such as Sally’s, but every time I have done my hair it has been on impulse and therefore Boots is always my go-to – and Bblonde is the best in store. I use their Maximum Blonding Kit no.1.

So, I didn’t want to bleach my ends again, and was too lazy to cover them in foil for protection because honestly do I look like a responsible person to you? I also didn’t want to bleach my roots; the idea of maintaining that is too much for me and I have a dry scalp and just didn’t want to aggravate that more.

hair 10
Inspiration tbh (RIP Baby Boy Heath)

Using the brush that came with the bleach I smudged it close to my roots, spreading it downwards messily (the messier you are, within reason, the softer blended look you’ll achieve) until I reached the top of my bleached ends. I did this with a mirror in front of me, to my left and behind me. If you can’t get help, get a lot of mirrors and do your best to have an almost 360° view – it’s so easy to miss bits!

Once the bleach was all washed out according to instruction (I left it for the max time stated) and my hair was almost dry, I popped a mix of Pixie Lott’s Hawaii (I think it works well as a toner) and Manic Panic’s Ultra Violet on my hair and Manic Panic’s Electric Lizard on my already lighter, bleached ends, and left it all in for an hour. The result wasn’t as I hoped – whilst the green took to my hair, my newly-bleached hair was still an orange mess and I wasn’t prepared to bleach it again – I didn’t want it to feel even drier 😦

hair 12
me: “oh, crap”

So I fell back on my old friend Scharzkopf Live (in Amethyst Chrome) which improved things, like, a lot.

after washing the Schwarzkopf live out – still dry, but better

A week later I went over the green again to give it an extra pop and I love it – it even glows in the dark!

As pictures tell I now need a trim, and I still have some brown / coppery bits which are driving me crazy, and so I did my research and got Manic Panic’s Purple Haze, which is said to be more forgiving on dark hair. I’ll update this post when I try it!

Do you have any advice? Speak to me in the comments section (please, I need the help).

hair 6
Feeling fabulously witchy. The End

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