The DIY Hair Bleaching Virgin


I wanted to write about my hair journey as a DIY bleach virgin because a few people have asked, and I know when I was researching about it online I couldn’t find a great deal. I’m certainly not an expert, but here’s my experience…

I’ve always been into half blonde, half black look – like the two-face look. I still don’t know what it’s called, technically. But I spotted a woman outside a restaurant sporting the look and she looked straight flawless, so I decided to go for it.

I purchased a product from Jerome Russell’s B blonde range via Boots. I used the Maximum Lift Blonding Kit, which is said to work best on medium brown to dark brown hair, lifting your hair around 8-9 shades lighter. It was around £6 and the preparation process is very easy.

The application process is as simple as you make it. I parted my hair all the way down the middle, neatly and tightly tying up the half that was going to be left unbleached. I made sure the parting I had was as natural as possible, as I wasn’t prepared to tame it every morning to ensure the right colour was on the right side. I have a fringe, so during the parting process I spent the longest time splitting it exactly in half and pinning the part that would not be bleached back tightly. I applied Vaseline on the roots of the part not to be coloured, as well as on part of the fringe that was close to the division. That way, if I did get a little bleach on the wrong side, I hoped I could wipe it off without penetrating the hair.

new copper

I then lost my nerve in terms of bleaching the whole half blonde due to the damage I knew bleaching inevitably causes, so I parted the free half vertically behind my ear and tied that part also, meaning I only bleached the front quarter of my hair. In terms of the result it now looks half and half from the front, and from the back, it appears that I have a smooth swirl of caramel colour running through the hair.

Once the division was done I painted the bleach onto the hair I had left free, being careful to get it as closely to the roots as possible without it touching the skin. I had my fringe bleached in a salon once (yes you, Rush) and they burned my scalp that way – it was awful, as I had a patch of stubborn dry skin there for months.

Once I had painted it as thoroughly as possible, I covered it with the plastic hair net supplied and left it on for 25 minutes or so before washing – I didn’t have the nerve to leave it on for the maximum time due to the thought of my hair burning to a crisp.


It turned out I had managed to miss bits that I had left black, but my expectations at DIY had been low from jump. It expectedly came out a copper colour (see above), which I had anticipated. I had Crazy Color at my disposal, which I applied to the copper hair immediately after washing the bleach out. I used ‘Pinkissimo’ in hopes of achieving a 2009 Nicki Minaj look, but my hair wasn’t blonde enough for the pink to stand boldly – it came out a candy colour (just above).

However, I was content with my first attempt. Crazy Color only lasts a few washes, so I decided to go over it a few weeks later with a semi-permanent violet dye, which came out darker/redder than I would have hoped…

violet dyenew violet

But with every wash it got lighter and turned different shades of purple, to mahogany, to straight up cherry red, (that was a fun journey) eventually looking like this (below), which I’ve now accepted as I know I won’t achieve a platinum look without my hair snapping off (right?).


My roots definitely need doing, but I’m putting it off for the sake of my hair’s health.

Do you have any tips when it comes to dying and/or bleaching south Asian hair? If so, please holler!


  1. I’m going through the same thing. I used Quick Blue bleach (powder) and a 30 developer. My hair is a very light orange right now. I would say…. try using the bleach powder but with a lower maybe 10-20. Then use a toner. I used t18 with a 20 devolper. But, for some reason it didn’t really take out the copper look. I’m giving my hair some time before doing a t10 toner. I love your hair! The idea might be in the future for me. Im doing a weird hombre effect. About 1 1/2 inch of my roots is a dark brown. But, I’m hoping for a pale ash blond for the bottom portion. 🙂

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