Russell Brand Live: Trew Musings

trews 2

Russell Brand has been pissing some people off with ‘The Trews’ and I’ve been enjoying it. The YouTube series kicked off in early 2014 and sees the comedian talk about everything from Islamophobia, morbid celebrity culture to crooked politicians – all from his bedroom in East London.


How Much Do You Love Chicken?


This was the question I found myself wondering whilst making the trek from Croydon to Ravenscroft Street in Hoxton for chicken on a winters night. Turns out, a lot is the answer. Entering Clutch Chicken, which sits quaintly alongside a residential area, it was set up like a cosy living room – a sparse amount of long tables, dim lighting, chefs cooking in our view and a bar at the back.

You have three options – wings (Put A Wing On It), boneless chicken (Love Me Tenders) and buckets of chicken pieces (Happy Hens) that come in ‘half’ or ‘full’ sizes. Available in an array of sauces, I tried Soy Garlic and Peppery Buttermilk chicken pieces. A ‘half’ bucket containing 4 pieces will set you back £11. I also tried the Twice Fried Fries which sat on the taste scale at average, as did the Homemade Creamy Coleslaw – although I appreciated how fresh it was. Each side was £4.