How Much Do You Love Chicken?


This was the question I found myself wondering whilst making the trek from Croydon to Ravenscroft Street in Hoxton for chicken on a winters night. Turns out, a lot is the answer. Entering Clutch Chicken, which sits quaintly alongside a residential area, it was set up like a cosy living room – a sparse amount of long tables, dim lighting, chefs cooking in our view and a bar at the back.

You have three options – wings (Put A Wing On It), boneless chicken (Love Me Tenders) and buckets of chicken pieces (Happy Hens) that come in ‘half’ or ‘full’ sizes. Available in an array of sauces, I tried Soy Garlic and Peppery Buttermilk chicken pieces. A ‘half’ bucket containing 4 pieces will set you back £11. I also tried the Twice Fried Fries which sat on the taste scale at average, as did the Homemade Creamy Coleslaw – although I appreciated how fresh it was. Each side was £4.

I ordered extra sauces at a £1 each, trying Roast Garlic and Crème Fraîche, which was gorgeous – the only thing I ate that I’d want again, in fact. I also tried Clutch’s Chicken Gravy, which was chicken gravy. The Peppery Buttermilk chicken coating was TOO peppery for my taste, but the chicken itself was mouth-wateringly tender and tasty. I preferred the Soy Garlic chicken, which was tangy, tender and sweet.

Cartman chicken

I would have found the meal more satisfying if I hadn’t held my taste expectations parallel to the price. But it’s worth noting that what you’re paying for is free range chicken and free range egg coating fried in ‘the finest grade’ of groundnut oil, which is where their slogan ‘Home Of Guilt Free Fried Chicken’ comes in.

The drinks menu was fun-filled with hip-hop themed cocktails and the brunch menu looks phenomenal – I’ll be back to try the Wishbone Waffles (morning fried chicken, turkey bacon and bourbon syrup).

The staff are really lovely and the venue has a great vibe. Based solely off the food, it just didn’t cut it for me – mind you, I’m an Asian girl who enjoys cooking, so I’m aware that I could have created something better for less. What you are paying for is the atmosphere, great tunes, sweet drinks, the fun element of eating very fancy KFC and the toll for eating in Hoxton in 2015 – and in which case, they are bang on.


Dappy gif

Check out their website to peep the menu/location etc.

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