I Found Love In Boom Burger

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Well, here’s another food rant. I’ve spoken about food here twice before, with no rave reviews as yet. But third time’s a charm, and yesterday I indulged in some amazing Jamaican-style food on Portobello Road, London.

‘A Little Taste Of Jamaica, That’s Making The Heart Of London Go Boom!’

Founded by Josh de Lisser, a young chef brought up in Montego Bay, Boom Burger seats up to around 20-odd people split across two large side-by-side dining tables, with additional stalls and outdoor seating available when it gets busy – if you’re lucky enough to be close enough, they also deliver.

The menu is perfectly simple which is exactly what I like to see; there’s no fussing about, but plenty of options to keep everyone happy. They have a veggie option as well as fish, pork, chicken and beef. I indulged in the ‘Jerk Boom’ burger (£9) which arrived in a basket, American-style.

A light-as-air bun packed full of strips of jerk chicken which were so tender I assumed it was pulled, it was complimented beautifully with rocket and fried plantain pieces with mango and pawpaw sauce; a papaya salsa I had never tried before. My first bite into the scrumptious treat saw the whole thing fall apart drastically – but I’ve never been a neat eater. I was a complete mess by the end. Maybe consider who you go with.


Alongside the burger I tried the plantain fries (£3) which were awesome; the perfect balance between sweet and salty. They were a tad dry on the outside I thought, but the huge bottle of jerk mayonnaise on the table (essentially a mix made in heaven) meant that it was never a problem.

Their cocktail menu (£6.50 each) looked like a lot of fun, too – all rum-based and strong with a sweet blend for a smooth, cool, tropical taste. You can expect classics like a Rum Punch alongside some fun alternatives, soft included of course.

Staff were friendly, but the venue was cold on the frosty night we went. We were going to stay to try more after our burgers, but couldn’t stand it much longer. It would be perfect in the summertime.

Despite the chilly environment, trying out the vibrant and generous taste of the Caribbean is a London-food must do – I’m yet to come across anything like it. Bonus for those south of the river: They’re opening a branch in Brixton soon.

Peep the menu here.

cat burger

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