The Bird IS The Word

Peter BIRD

As much as we love a good burger, how many more new adaptations can we endure? The honest burger, the dirty burger, the Mexican burger, the Tinseltown yaas-there’s-a-halal-option burger… frankly I’m done with £9 burgers for a while and thankfully my spirit food, chicken, is becoming available in the form of speciality dishes we hadn’t got to experience in this country very often pre-Nandos popularity, where it all boomed for us.

Enter BIRD Restaurant. I’d heard about it via friends and some celebrity faces on Twitter and after a peek at the menu, I made my way there sharpish.

But there was a two-hour wait. Oops. I returned a few weeks later after making a reservation and was seated promptly but their very cheery staff members.

The menu is diverse in options but there isn’t an overwhelming amount to sift through. If you want to share/try a little bit of everything, you can – like 6 wings for a fiver or two chicken pieces starting at £6 or a variety of sides, all of which are £3.50. A selection of damn-good-sounding sauces and glazes were also available, but I opted for the chicken and waffles on my first round.

The cheddar and onion waffles were said to be fresh – and they tasted fresh – Joyous. Accompanied by two pieces of fried chicken and Canadian maple syrup, it was divine and filling – so filling that I couldn’t get through the lusciously thick waffles.


I also tried Jalapeno Corn Pudding – a real comforting southern dish, it was perfect to share and I appreciated trying something completely new, to me at least.

My buddy Charissa tried the Chicken and Waffle burger, which for £12… just read the description bruh.

“Boneless thighs, thick cut bacon, American cheese, crispy shallots, hot sauce and Canadian maple syrup, between two cheddar & onion waffles.”

The waiter warned us it was a hard one to finish, but she went at it like a trouper and finished everything but the waffle. Quality.

The cocktail list is pretty sound and their alternative spins on them were appreciated. Their desert menu is something to rave about – I mean, they do fresh doughnuts every morning for crying out loud – just read this perfection for yourself. The Bird is definitely the word.

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