The Churel and other mythical legends

For hundreds of years in Dominican folklore, people have spoken of the legend of ‘La Ciguapa’ – a beautiful woman who can be found roaming through the trees at night. She has dark features, piercing eyes and hair that swings past her waist; the only way you can tell she’s something other than human is by her backwards facing feet. La Ciguapa’s hypnotic beauty usually reels men in before they notice the oddity below her ankles – and then she eats them alive.


Femme Inspiration: Mona Eltahawy

This week I want to talk about a reporter, an author, a revolutionary – a big inspiration of mine. I first saw Mona Eltahawy in 2014 on Al Jazeera, fiercely debating a question based upon her infamous article on Foreign Policy: Do Arab Men Hate Women?

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Fifty Shades Of Grey is bullshit

ana christian

I don’t buy books unless I’m sure. They generally have to pass a test – would I want to pass them on to my future generation? If not, I take them out at the library. Of course, the popularity of Fifty Shades Of Grey ensured that it was not available in my library for months and I was too curious to wait, so I picked up the trilogy from a book store and got stuck in.

Most readers would say it wasn’t written for literary merit, it was written for enjoyment, and that’s evident in its blatant tribute to Twilight and the constant use of ‘mercurial’ and ‘inner goddess’. But it was Christian Grey’s control issues that I couldn’t get my head around.