My Alcoholic Parent and I

I wrote an article about the effects of alcoholism on a family for The Pool, and then it was announced shortly after that the online women’s magazine will go into administration. The site was a wonderful platform for women to find their voice and tell their stories; it’s such sad news, to hear it hasn’t […]

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Let’s Catch Up

Hey! How are you? No, seriously, are you good? Can I start this post by sharing something I read recently? 1. Relax your brows 2. Let your tongue fall from the roof of your mouth 3. Unclench your jaw 4. Let your shoulders fall away from your ears Don’t you feel more relaxed? I am. […]

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Take Me Home

Heartbreak like this make me yearn for comforts I never even had The urge to bask in my motherland’s South Asian sunshine and feel warm rainwater splashing down my back Elders calling me their child in Urdu, sending me to sleep with head massages laced with coconut oil Bare feet, long braids, eating food on […]

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You say you notice everything about me You laugh and say I walk like I’m ice skating Feet bounding ahead in a circular motion As if that makes it easier to keep moving forward

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I have a theory That every blue moon, gold spills off my tongue Unravelling out of my mouth like a seed in bloom After a long winter of nothingness   It scares people

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