Change Is Hard

I am not a flower in bloom


Ode to London

When he told her he was coming to the city but not to see her, she was angry

Not because she’d miss the way he would have smiled when he spotted her from a mile away


Worlds Apart

I don’t want to be the moon anymore
Only being able to find beauty in darkness
I want to know how the sun feels
We could have shone together
But your ego would never allow it
So it’s okay, I would never try to change you
There is a universe full of planets searching for my light

The Marvels of Marrakesh

Marrakesh (mar· uh· kesh) – aka The Red City, The Land of the Atlas, The Maghreb 


Facing Mortality

I feel my own mortality when I hear your voice getting frail on an off day


Happy New Year


A Suppressed Woman is Dangerous

I see you watching me


Exercise saved my mental health

I have suffered with mental health issues for as long as I can remember. Even in primary school, I just found life too overwhelming. What I didn’t consider though was that my diet and lifestyle didn’t help – I bunked every P.E class and I lived on fried chicken, ramen noodles, frozen food and concentrated juices in abundance. 


Take Me Home

Heartbreak like this make me yearn for comforts I never even had

The urge to bask in my motherland’s South Asian sunshine and feel warm rainwater splashing down my back

Elders calling me their child in Urdu, sending me to sleep with head massages laced with coconut oil

Bare feet, long braids, eating food on the floor with my hands

Heartbreak that makes me want to start again in my mother’s footsteps because starting afresh in my own shoes won’t be enough to make me forget

Heartbreak that makes me wish I wasn’t here

So I start to daydream about not being here

Not being dead

But being reborn in the country that flows through my veins

Then I’d never have met you

And I can imagine I wouldn’t ever have to know what it feels like

To be heartbroken like this







Bleaching Dark Hair For Dummies

Like a lot of women, when I need change in my life, I’ll express it with my hair. When I’m hurt, I have to fight the urge to cut it off. And when life delivers uncertainties I want my hair to help me feel fearless – and I suppose that is where I have been, of recent.